Why Us

7 Reasons to Own an ACME Franchise
Start Your Business Leveraging Our Success

The locksmith industry has many talented, technical locksmiths, but their companies haven't moved forward with modern business practices. Instead, they rely on doing things the way they have always been done. This is your opportunity. ACME Locksmith knows inventory management, which equipment is needed, optimal workflows, retail location selection, and the latest procedures to help set your franchise apart from the other locksmith companies. Your franchise business will operate as a leading service provider in the industry delivering a better customer experience, at competitive prices, so customers keep coming back.

Maintain Competitive Differentiation

1. Differentiated Business Model

Only ACME Locksmith offers two levels of Franchising. Our introductory mobile-only model allows you to start your business quickly with as little overhead as possible. Our advanced model is based on operating a storefront with mobile field support. This model offers a fully integrated flow for your multi-locational inventory, drivers sales, bookkeeping, etc.. with a key differentiation most of your competitors won't have. You can start with the advanced locksmith franchise model or grow into it by starting as a mobile locksmith franchise and then evolving. Contact us to learn how an ACME Locksmith Franchise can benefit you.

2. Proven Success You Can Use

At the foundation of our flagship company's success is a business that operates three profitable locations with $1.2M in yearly gross revenue. We service several national contracts that will be pointed towards your business franchise for handling their regional needs. Our franchise model provides a unique value proposition that for your customers that most of your competitors can't provide. We have efficient processes already in place so you can focus on growing your business.

3. Offer Premium Services: If it Has a Lock, Takes a Key, or Opens/Closes a Door, You'll Handle It.

ACME is more than just a locksmith business that unlocks car doors. In fact, that's a very small percent of our business. ACME Locksmith is a full service professional lock, key and safe company. We like to say, "If it takes a key, opens or closes a door, ACME can install it, repair it, and service it." The demand for our services is increasing as lock solutions become more technical. Automotive keys and remotes need to be programmed to vehicles to work, electronic locks are finding their way into most business and now even homes, and high security, copy protected keys are becoming the standard for businesses. We work towards our goals and will assist you in making your business successful. Let our numbers do to the talking and open up the door to your future. Are you in?

4. Strong Brand, Customer's Trust ACME Locksmith

Your online reputation will be extremely important for your business. We have earned over 800 5-star-rated, real customer reviews. Your presence on our website ties your franchise location directly to this high level of service and reputation. We will teach you how to earn reviews from your customers for your local efforts. The work ethic our staff technicians possess assures that our clients receive the best customer service. We have the skills and equipment for you to help customers protect their families and businesses. Our trusted experience isn’t something to take lightly and we are working hard to lead the industry the right way.

5. Benefit From 20 Years Experience

Are you a business/marketing person with no locksmith experience? No problem. We've been running lock shops since 1997 and provide training to all franchisees that includes the skills and shop management needed.

Are you a locksmith with no business/marketing experience? Also no problem. ACME Locksmith has the edge over competing businesses since our variety, workmanship, and marketing expertise is unparalleled. With over 20 years of business marketing proficiency and understanding of customer buying patterns, we have been able to outperform the competition and unlock an efficient profitable business. Being an ACME Locksmith Franchise is like having an effective marketing and advertising team at your disposal.

6. Ongoing Business Support & Knowledge

ACME Locksmith Franchise owners will benefit from the owners 25 years of marketing experience and understanding of current service industry needs and advertising techniques. The business practices you’ll be able to utilize from day one will place your business in the top tier of operations among all locksmith companies in the US.

7. Purchasing Power

ACME does large volume with our suppliers and has the highest product purchase discounts available with many of them. We have already negotiated on your behalf to ensure you are getting substantial discount pricing on product from day one of your business. You will also receive free upfont advertising material and products to assist you in the launch of your business.

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